First post….

by lynngailphotography

CambodiaNew to WordPress and blogging – here is my first post and a few images from my website to get things rolling.  Just a little about me: I have been involved in the challenging art of photography for around twenty years now; sometimes I feel I am mastering the medium and other times – well – I feel a little like a fish trying to return to the tide – there is always a new aspect or theme that will make me question how I am photographing.  Clever and artful photography make this art form appear easy but once behind the lens there are so many elements that have to come together to make an image stand out and connect with the viewer.  With so many powerful images and  talented photographers to be inspired by, photography humbles and focuses me.  So here are my ramblings, images and experiences from my travels. : )

Cambodiam in village school near Tonle Sap Lake.

East Arnhem Land