Ramblings of late….

I keep telling myself my aim is to keep my blog regularly updated with my latest work and travel tales – but somehow it seems to slip down the ‘to do’ list.  I am hoping to to push it up : ).

Myanmar (Burma) had been on my bucket list for some time. I have a sneaky feeling I sneaked in just at the right time before it became too popular on the over trodden tourist trail.  Myanmar’s people are humble and gracious; they will literally bend over backwards to help you find your way and point you in the right direction.  Although some words do get lost in translation and you can end up walking for hours!  After ‘listening’ to many pointed fingers along a railway track we finally found the old train that circumnavigates Yangon stopping at 37 stations – it well worth the zigzagging walk.  The stations are full of characters that showed as much interest in us and we did in them. A portrait photographer’s dream.

Portrait of teenage boy in train, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

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The colourful train stations were a small highlight, when you add the unique iconic Inle Fishermen and the warmth of the Buddhist monks into the mixture things begin to make you wish you had way longer than two weeks to soak up the Burmese culture and landscape.

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As a rite of passage, men are supposed to enter into monkhood twice in their lives, once as a novice aged between 10 and 20, and once as a fully ordained monk any time after their 20th birthday. In line with the Buddhist philosophy of removal of desire for materialism and want, everything a monks owns or consumes is supposed to be donated by the lay community. A life very different to how we are raised in western society.

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These are just a few images I wanted to share to get the ball rolling.  I will be adding more soon.